About DCVH


More than 20 years ago, Kladé Helena began doing basic hairstyles that included braiding, twisting, and extensions installation. After years of wearing extensions, and mastering the installation, Kladé decided to open a premier extensions company.


Dernier Cri Virgin Hair was opened in July 2013, with intentions on providing top notch virgin hair extensions at affordable prices. Since its opening, Dernier Cri Virgin Hair has provided hundreds of extensions-wearers with top-quality product.


Our client-base includes people from all races, genders, and cultures. We currently ship WORLDWIDE.


At DCVH, we take pride in providing an exceptional product along with quality customer service experience.


DCVH aims to become the premier extensions provider all around the globe! With our current client-base and fast-growing business, we’re excited about the future.